translated from Spanish: Macarena Venegas’ fears and virtual sex: “You don’t have to get hacked into your cell phone, i’m not afraid”

Lawyer Macarena Venegas is out dating journalist Manuel Fuentes García who works in Argentina, so they spend their quarantine separately. In a live broadcast that the lawyer made with Jordi Castell told how they spend their confinement and their fear of virtual sex due to distance. The driver stated that “I talk about this with my single friends or those who have polo outside: virtual sex between couples, between two people.” Venegas replied that “just like me gives me a little monkey. Shall I tell you why? Ten years ago, a bastard posted nude pictures to me. So, I got angry, because I say ‘I finally find that if you do sex by screen today, you don’t have to get your cell phone hacked’. Oh no, I’m afraid.” You were traumatized,” Castell said. To which she replied that “I was as well as that everything is visual as well as… So far I show you, but I don’t show you any more”Venegas expressed “I swear to you. It happened to me ten years ago and it was heavy encounter me. Because apart there you realize how sexist the world…It was a very big… Total betrayal, deep down. Because you say ‘but how a rooster that was your pololo?’ It doesn’t matter. It must have been stung. He thinks that that rooster had kicked because I found out that he put my hat on with another mine, with another lawyer,” he concluded.

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