translated from Spanish: Tell Ojeda: This is no time to lift the “Dry Law”

Elota,Sinaloa.-I recognize that the measure taken by the governor to implement the “Dry Law”, to avoid raising the statistic of contagion and deaths by Covid-19, was the best, but I also express my disconformity at the suspension of this preventive measure at a time when our state is at the most difficult stage of the pandemic, said Hector Melesio Cuénjeda , president of the Sinaloense Party. In an interview with important news of the municipality of Elota.According to the Secretary of Health’s own statistics, these days we have in Sinaloa the highest peak of contagions and we are experiencing the saturation of hospitals in the state capital; Every day there are 8 to 10 deaths of people with Covid-19, hence the importance of not relaxing prevention measures so that people stay at home.

“In Sinaloa we have a fatality rate by Covid-19 of 14.6 per 100 thousand inhabitants, for this situation, in my opinion, it is a mistake to suspend this preventive measure, yes this step had already been taken until the first of June, but I also hope that this decision does not raise the rate of violence in the family since isolation more alcohol is a formula that can light the spotlights “The number of people who they need help because they have lost their jobs”: Tell Ojeda

It is impressive how this pandemic is leaving people out of work and they have to go out and ask for help, in the capital of our state more than 40 collection centers have been installed to help people who cannot bring daily sustenance to their family, this is because the government is not implementing preventive measures to prevent companies from closing their doors , reported By Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda.No it is possible that without having any program in place to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, the authorities demand that the shops send their employees home with full pay, not all entrepreneurs have the financial resources to sustain a workforce without income, so it is important that the government disclose a scheme of how it will help these investors that generate employment. You may also be interested:Coepriss closing liquor expendations for allowing crowds of people in SinaloaEn Sinaloa forecast beer shortages in the coming days

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