translated from Spanish: Former wife of Ivan Nunez reacted to the release of Rafael Garay

In September 2018, the former wife of journalist Iván Núñez, Marlene de la Fuente, testified in the oral trial against the self-styled economist Rafael Garay, who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for the crime of repeated scams. Her testimony was added to that of her ex-husband, allowing him to be held in the annex Captain Yáber, until today, as the Supreme Court accepted the appeal that will allow him parole. From the Source, he reacted to the news, posting on his Instagram account a LUN cover from that era, where he is seen lending his testimony in court. “The Supreme Court grants Rafael Garay parole? It’s obviously legislation that’s in the right place,” he wrote. However, his criticism added to a positive message. “A lot of strength and hope. Life is beautiful and let us live it as such.” It is worth remembering, in her return, the professional maintained that on May 15, 2015 she gave her a check with $76 million, which she had saved since she was 15.” Rafael several times told me at my house that I could invest my money. He offered me to be a financial adviser, he offered to put my money in dollars and gold,” he said. I told him I was dying if anything happened to that money. He looked me in the face and said not to worry (…) I had a hard time handing her that money over, because I’d been saving her for many years,” he added.

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