translated from Spanish: Trunco project: the electric car of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer that was not

Not all cars arrive on the assembly line and are then marketed. Many of them are left in the way, others as a prototype and there are also those that remain only in the memory of the designers. Dyson is a vacuum cleaner and appliance company that aimed to launch an electric car project in 2021. Finally, at the end of last year, the cancellation was announced. Until then, no images of what Dyson’s vehicles would be like. But it was James Dyson himself, founder of his eponymous company, who showed the look of the car in an interview that gave The Sunday Times.James Dyson contributed 550 million euros for the project to be carried out, however, the products were not commercially viable and put an end to it. The decision came when the vehicle named N526 internally was almost ready to start testing on a project that employed about 500 people.

According to the company’s founder, it was a car with an electric range of 1,000 kilometers with solid-state batteries. Thanks to two electric motors of 268 horsepower would have been able to get a 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. All that data will remain in promises because it will not become a reality. According to its creator, Dyson’s car should have been sold at 170,000 euros when today a Tesla Model 3 is worth 93,600 euros in its most economical version. In this note:

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