translated from Spanish: Insensitive and misogynistic speech that of Baltazar Gaona: Digital Defenders

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán. – “Misogynistic” was the qualifier used by the feminist organization “Digital Defenders” for the speech of the local deputy Baltazar Gaona García, presenting a point of agreement so that on May 09 of each year, it will be considered as “Right to Life Day from Conception”, as well as a law initiative to the Penal Code in the same sense.
Through a statement, the feminist collective lamented the insoticness of the Labor Party legislator at the Congress of Michoacán, who was demanded a public apology for using hate speech, full of personal opinions and beliefs, and stereotypes about motherhood.

“We find it regrettable the low sensitivity it shows as a legislative representative on an issue that, must exceed personal opinions and beliefs, as well as the burden full of stereotypes about motherhood, reinforcing the belief of the female binomial. We remind you carefully that women are more than that.”

Digital Defenders, joined the positioning of “Humans Without Violence”, published last week, which indicates the member’s personal interpretation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Feminists rated the speech used on more than one occasion by the Petlist, as a misogynist:

“With her statements, in addition to attacking human rights, she shows a marked misogynistic discourse by taking away the voice of women who have chosen not to be mothers and marks setbacks that have led to years of struggle for our rights as women, eliminating systemic and patriarchal beliefs and mandates.”

In addition, the statement calls on Baltazar Gaona to have no interest in positioning himself against the increase in domestic violence during the confinement by the Covid-19 pandemic, which directly undermines the safety of women and children.

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