translated from Spanish: Vidal criticized Chiellini’s autobiography: “I don’t think I’m telling things. There are codes”

National midfielder Arturo Vidal spoke on Thursday of the accusation made by Italian Giorgio Chiellini in his autobiography. The Juventus defender, who met the Chilean in the ‘Vecchia Signora’, assured that the ‘King’ has problems with alcohol. Faced with this, the flyer of FC Barcelona stated on an Instagram Live that “he clarified it to me, wrote to me later and told me what had happened. He tells that story, that I don’t seem to tell private things that you do, because you don’t do it alone, you’re always with more people, and taking intimate things out is complicated.” In addition, the traine at Colo Colo stated that “journalists are going to the worst, they are going to look for the topic of alcohol, because they know that I once had a problem with the Ferrari and I do not know because always the Chilean press goes for those things, which I think are not good, because Chiellini also explained that he said many things and the other people did not notice or the journalists do not place it… that I’m a champion, that I’ve won a lot of things, that I’m a leader.” Then, following in the same line, the two-time champion of America with the ‘Red’ noted that “everywhere there are codes, but these are codes that are complicated. Apart is not a thing of me being ripped from a concentration, or I am getting off a workout, no, this is something that is with permission, that can be done, that you are told you have time, you can go out, you can enjoy, but tomorrow we train at this hour and you have to be there. One is a person, apart from football one is a human being, just like anyone.” When it’s my turn to do something else I take advantage of it, because I’m just like the others, if I have to go out to the supermarket, if I have to… I don’t know, being with my friends, eating a roast, staying locked up, I do. I enjoy my life to the fullest, I enjoy every moment of my life and that’s why I’m happy, when I have to respect and take care of myself, I do. The time I was wrong, I paid for it, but then I turned the page and got up and got ahead, but those things of counting don’t seem to me,” he said.

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