translated from Spanish: A penitentiary agent from Varela has coronavirus and isolated 9 others

A prison officer from Penal Unit 32 in Florencio Varela tested positive for coronavirus and had to isolate 9 of his colleagues under the prevention protocol at that prison facility. The infected man was admitted to the Italian Hospital of La Plata, which he arrived after being wounded in the head when he interned in an argument between prisoners.

It was there that he raised a fever, had his swabs and tested positive for coronavirus. His 9 companions and three of his relatives were isolated in their homes. In response to this situation, the authorities of the SPB and the Provincial Directorate of Prison Health presented themselves in Unit 32 to provide restray to staff and the prison population, and informed all necessary prevention measures. 

With regard to the private liberty housed in the penal of Florencio Varela, it was reported that Health personnel carried out an individualized evaluation and checks will be carried out more regularly in case any of the symptoms of the virus appear.. Three other SPB penitentiaries had already recovered from the virus: it is an agent from Bell Unit 21, another from Alcaidía La Plata 3 and a petty officer in Olmos Unit 22.

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