translated from Spanish: Feminist activist, called as a mockery the initiatives of PT deputy in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán. – As a «joke,» she called feminist activist Olimpia Coral Melo the initiatives and a point of agreement presented last week by Michoacán Congress mp Baltazar Gaona García, representative of the Labour Party.
For the activist, the main promoter of the «Olympic Law», the legislator expressed through his speech a great inconsistency in wanting to defend the rights of women, but at the same time force them to be mothers, preventing them from the possibility of that decision, this with Gaona García’s attempt to «respect life from conception».

In one of the initiatives, the petista intends to reform the Constitution of Michoacán, so that the right to life is granted from conception to natural death. In the second, he intends to punish the father who abandons the mother through a pension from the moment of conception of the product. While the point of agreement seeks to declare May 09 of each year as «Right to Life Day from Conception».
In a telephone interview, the feminist considered it irresponsible for Gaona García to want her religious and personal beliefs from her public space, and to set aside her work of legislating for women’s human rights, and that she called the petist’s speech a mockery, in a country where new women are murdered daily, and where eight out of ten have been sexually abused.
«For decades, for decades we have been insinuated that we are objects of dominance and commerce. Spending an initiative to one day make the right to life directly show that the Lord sees us as givers of life, that we are objects of procreation of humanity, without letting us choose that right (…) Forcing you to give birth is the most violent act.»

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