translated from Spanish: “I don’t feel sorry for bragging”: Felipe Contreras responded to users who criticized him for posting photography of his refrigerator

Actor Felipe Contreras generated various in social media reactions after posting a photograph of the inside of his refrigerator on his Instagram account. “With my refrigerator we continue in this intense relationship, I fill him, he fills me is perfect,” he wrote. However, many users criticized the postcard and its words, questions that mainly alluded to the economic crisis caused by coronavirus. “In the face of this pandemic there are many compatriots who do not even have to eat. I know it’s not your problem and it’s not in your hands to solve, but for a matter of awareness, bragging (although I know it’s not with bad intention) what you have, I seem to say the least, unfortunate,” a follower raised opening the debate on the nets. In the face of this, the same actor replied: “The truth is that I do not feel bragging why I do not tango so much. I don’t go to the super, but for the basics. And I hope this photo also means that those of us who have something in the fridge are more aware and value it more, eat it and what we have. That was my final intention,” he replied. And with that, he added: “Eat healthy, feed well and above all appreciate and appreciate that you can have a refrigerator full of good food in these difficult times. Hold on to those who are having a hard time with all this.”

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