translated from Spanish: Joint Commission approves the completion of the Public Account in a telematic way but does not agree on the date of completion

The joint commission charged with reviewing the completion of the next Public Account agreed that it should be done telematically, but not its date.
After two sessions, the members decided to suspend the debate, give the weekend to work and first monday make a decision.
No agreement was reached between opposition deputies and centre-left senators, as some want to continue in 9 more days, on 1 June, while another sector supported the indication of Senate President Adriana Muñoz (PPD), to be held on September 1. The Government also supported the point raised by Senator Jaime Quintana (PPD), who seeks to take place on the 5th of that month.
In the committee, deputies and senators from the centre-left said that in September the campaign for the Constituent Plebiscite will already be initiated, so the president of the instance, Senator Luz Ebensperger (UDI)-who had previously been against changing the date and in the discussion opened to that- proposed to leave it for August 24 (the campaign begins on 26). Meanwhile, Deputy Matthias Walker (DC) suggested July 31.
What was agreed was that the presidential message could be made telematically, adding that in the same way it could session the Full Congress for the public accounts of the presidents of both chambers.
In addition, with five votes in favor of the opposition and four abstentions from officialism it was determined that «in the case of the Full Congress referred to in the first subparagraph, the presidents of both corporations will agree on the seats of the National Congress at which this obligation will be fulfilled, who may attend this session in person and whether it is to be carried out in a total or partially telematic manner». With this, Senator Adriana Muñoz (PPD) and the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Diego Paulsen (PPD), will decide whether President Sebastián Piñera should attend the legislative building of Valparaiso or the headquarters of Santiago in person.

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