translated from Spanish: Netflix to launch a series based on the case of the girl Paulette

Mexico.- Netflix prepares a new Mexican production, and it is a very controversial one. As part of their anthology series Story of a Crime, the same one that told the murder of Luis Donaldo Colosio a year ago, we will now be presented with an adaptation of the Case of the Girl Paulette.
The death of the girl Paulette Gebara Farah shocked Mexico, especially because of the strange twists that the case took. The daughter of an upper-class family in the State of Mexico, the girl disappeared and her parents began a campaign to retrieve her, thinking she had been kidnapped. Governor Enrique Peña Nieto sent trained experts and dogs to the house where Paulette disappeared, 10 days later the girl appeared dead under her own mattress. Everyone found it implausible that the girl appeared there, especially because of the search team that polled Paulette’s room, the same place where even the parents conducted media interviews in the days leading up to the find.

The Netflix series will be named Story of a Crime: The Search and will star Regina Blandón and Darius Yazbek in confirmed roles, although it is very likely that they are Paulette’s parents. There are many found versions of the case, some promoted by Paulette’s same parents, who separated and accusations have been made over time.
According to rumors, the series will take sides with a version and that will undoubtedly raise controversy. At the out of the way, from what little has been shown, we see that they made a strong change, instead of being set in Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, the plot actions will take place in Mexico City. This opens the door for the names of those involved in the Paulette case to be changed to avoid lawsuits.
Story of a Crime: The Search will premiere on June 12.

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