translated from Spanish: Roberto Cereceda recalled the positive doping that damaged his career

Roberto Cereceda, a side of O’Higgins de Rancagua, recalled the positive doping that he gave in 2010 playing for Colo Colo, a fact that closed the doors of the foreigner when he was at his football career’s best. After the ‘Cacique’ match against Universitario de Sucre for the Copa Sudamericana, played on August 17, 2010 in Bolivia, he was subjected to a doping control that ended up testing positive for cocaine use. The result was confirmed in a second analysis to the sample conducted on 7 October. The defender received six months of punishment from The Conmebol.In the face of this, the ‘Electric’ told Las Últimas des la least that «I was having my best time and I was punished for doping, which prevented me from going to Zaragoza or Real Sociedad. I suffered a lot because I had tea in Bolivia and was punished. That also led me not to continue in Colo Colo.» In addition, Cereceda told how he was left out of the process in the ‘Red’ for the 2010 South African World Cup, where finally Jean Beausejour and Marco Estrada beat him the spot by the left wing.» (Marcelo) Bielsa quoted me to his office in Juan Pinto Durán and told me that it was off campus that was going to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I felt it. After the match with Mexico, before the World Cup, several of us lost the place. Even in a match he appointed me captain,» he said. In the previous talk, he asked if anyone had anything to tell me. Nobody said anything. It was a good vibe, «he added. The 35-year-old side also had words for the self-goal he made in the superclassic of 2014, defending the University of Chile. When the 30th minute of the match was played, Cereceda tried to clear a center of José Pedro Fuenzalida that ended at the bottom of the goal defended by Johnny Herrera. It was the only so much of the encounter.» I had a hard time beating the U fan. He had made a center for Guillermo Marino when he scored 2-1 against O’Higgins in the final and then went on penalties, but was still held back by the fans. And when I was at its best, I sent that terrible self-goal that gave Colo Colo victory,» he said. «I wanted to die. That day it took me about an hour and a half to get out of the stadium. In the end I left the ‘U’, although Professor Lasarte wanted me on the team. I left for Figueirense, but that’s another story,» he said.

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