translated from Spanish: The «bad» and the «good» of this government – The Opinion of Hector Marín Rebollo

Yesterday a friend from Mexico City who does not share our ideas because he was head of office of the government of Peña Nieto, with excellent pay and very high benefits, and who, logically, is now unemployed, although he did his «guardian», sent a blue meme, with a panlist color and white letters (I doubt: will it be from the PAN?), saying «If you mind so much that you publish the bad of this government , you have it very easy, publish the good… if you find it»
And he put us to work.
Bad for whom? Good for who?
For priists and panistas who can no longer steal, so literal: steal, even though technically called peculado, bad.
For the people who do pay their contributions, well; Very good.
This government tied the hands of the thieves. He did something good like that. Great.
Bad for those who didn’t pay taxes like businessmen friends of neoliberal civil servants.
That’s good for the people. Now they’re paying and they’re going to pay by law. It’s no longer like they were eluding the treasury and giving the finance officer «a moche,» with a «gift» or a woman.

That’s how it was. And there were worse things. The story is being written. There is no idea of the rot in the PRI and the PAN.
There were dirty businesses like the airport. Why so much insistence from Montiel and Fox to do it in Texcoco? What was in the back?
Rich patrons, priists and panistas had bought, at the price of corks, the ejidal and private land near the airport and were going to resell them at a gold price. Dirty. Very dirty. You can’t do that today. That’s nice. They stole the money and… 307 hospitals are not finished.
Good for the rascals. Bad for the people.
Do you remember the outraged and raped women in San Salvador Atenco? That is not done now and is not allowed to the state government. More: the rich used to be rescued. Now the poor are helped. Good or bad? Ask the rich.
Before there were huachicoleo from above and there were quotas to those above to allow it…
In the peña Nieto government, students from Ayotzinapa were murdered. Now that’s impossible. This was very, very bad, wasn’t it?
In Peña Nieto’s government, the magisterium was persecuted because public education was to be liquidated to privatize it. And the driver of the privatization project hardly if he knew how to read. Remember?  In the previous government, rich investors and Mexican rascals were going to be given oil, remember? Today that’s impossible. Good for the village… bad for Peña Nieto’s friends. Our friend will have to take stock.

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