translated from Spanish: They declared the emergency for gender-based violence in The province of Buenos Aires

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the House of Senators of Bolivia declared the emergence of family and gender-based violence in the province of Buenos Aires, which authorizes the Executive Branch to arrange and reallocate parties to address this problem. The standard is entrusted to the Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity in «carrying out the necessary actions to prevent and assist situations of family violence and for reasons of gender and diversity, for which it will be empowered to dispose and reallocate the necessary budget items».

To this end, it proposes to prioritize strengthening the Network of Integral Homes, articulating interventions between different jurisdictions, building common procedures and protocols for entry, permanence and exit, and adapting common basic standards of care. Let us remember that the initiative had been approved last week in Deputies, and was unanimously sanctioned in the session that by videoconference in the Senate.It also authorizes the executive branch to directly hire hotels, inns, hostels and all kinds of establishments that provide hotel services or temporary accommodation, shelters that will function as transit instances for the care and shelter of people victims of violence and that of their people.

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