translated from Spanish: Veronica Lozano’s taunt to Nicolas Wiñazki for her anti-quarine stance

This afternoon, Verónica Lozano imitated journalist Nicolas Wiñazki after her sayings against the social isolation, preventive and mandatory arranged by the government to placate the contagion curve by the new coronavirus. The lower conglomeration of people in one place, they are reduced and even prevent contagion.

This was advised by several specialists to President Alberto Fernández, who this weekend must announce whether the quarantine continues and in what stages are the various territories of the country, since the deadline so far is until 24 May. In «Corta por Lozano» while they talked about the concern of the infectologist Pedro Cahn, who is part of the expert committee that advises the national representative, for the intense «anti-quary militancy», the same one exercised by various communicators among them Wiñazki.

It was then that the driver mocked the TN journalist, who in recent hours had expressed her opinion against quarantine, saying that she was unable to meet her newborn niece because of the measure of social estrangement and collective care.» Today my sister Sofia was Mom. Today I was uncle, I saw her on Whatsapp. And my parents who are grandparents too. Is it okay what’s going on? Is this quarantine, Argentina’s, which is going to be the longest in the world?» were Wiñazki’s words.

It should be noted that in recent hours, WHO (World Health Organization) declared south america a new epicenter of the pandemic. Brazil is the third country in the world with the most coronavirus victims due to the lack of measures taken by the government of Jair Bolsonaro. In total, more than 291,000 are infected and some 18,800 died. Reason that should leave Argentina alone and trust to take care of each other. In this note:

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