translated from Spanish: Conmebol reduced River’s sanction and he’ll be able to play with fans for Liberators

Amid the football stands, River received a nod from Conmebol, which decided to accept the appeal of «millionaire» leaders and reduced the penalty on the monumental stadium that was not allowed to receive fans for three days. The Disciplinary Unit expressed itself again on this subject, making it clear that it will allow it to count on its people in the last match of the group stage against Liga de Quito of Ecuador, while the sanction remains in force when it has to receive San Pablo from Brazil in the last day.

Conmebol reduced River’s sanction and he’ll be able to count on fans. Photo

However, it must first be defined whether competition from the Copa Libertadores resumes during 2020 (as the authorities point) and whether, in that case, the public will be able to access football stadiums, taking into account the coronavirus pandemic and the decision it will weigh on each Ministry of Health.On the other hand, the amendment of the Conmebol sanction maintains a special section , making it clear that the entire Monumental will not be enabled, but that, in case the public can witness the duel before the Ecuadorians, it will not be able to occupy the Yesvori grandstand, from where the flares were launched. The three-match sanction for River was an accumulation of two Conmebol rulings: the incidents leading up to the 2018 Liberators final – two matches – and the flares in their stands in the 2019 semi-final – a duel.

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