translated from Spanish: Gerardo Ortíz denies that FBI categorous DEL Records for his lawsuit

L.A. California.- On the afternoon of May 22, the offices of Del Records, Del Entertainment Inc. and the home of its owner, José Angel Del Villar, were registered by the FBI, in approval with a search warrant issued by the federal government. After the fact, the company led by Del Villar, issued a statement via Instagram, where he stated what happened, however, he clarified that the authorities entered the place by record material by his formerartist, Gerardo Ortiz.
Ortiz currently has a pending lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court and the California Labor Commissioner against Del companies for alleged fraudulent conduct, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and violation of the Talent Agencies Act for defrauding Mr. Ortiz of many, tens of millions of dollars. To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we’ll send you the information instantly. DEL Records, in the above-mentioned press text stated that it is not under investigation and that they will continue to support the authorities as necessary.
“As far as we know, the FBI’s search in Del Records’ office and Mr. Del Villar’s home does not involve Mr. Ortiz,” Bad Sin Music, a company owned by the narcocorridos interpreter, said in a statement.
It should be remembered that the Mexican singer has been in trouble with American law on more than one occasion, on one occasion he was accused of motivating violence against women and on another money laundering. You might be interested: Who is Angel of The Villar and why did he become a trend?

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