translated from Spanish: The East Prosecutor’s Office requested to formalize Sebastian Izquierdo leader of «Revolutionary Capitalism»

The East Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the Eighth Guarantee Court of Santiago, requested the 8th Guarantee Court to formalize Juan Sebastián Izquierdo and Roberto Belmar Vergara for the crimes of threats and injuries less serious. Izquierdo is known for being the leader of the far-right group «Revolutionary Capitalism» and the facts that are being researched are the organized marches where incidents occurred with passers-by. «Fiscalía Oriente confirms that it submitted application to the 8th Guarantee Court for formalization hearing in respect of Sebastián Izquierdo Almarza and Roberto Belmar Vergara for various crimes of injury and threats that occurred on February 29 and March 9 of this year,» they specified from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. For his part, as CNN stated, prosecutor Manuel Guerra stated that «they attacked different people in the context of demonstrations for the ‘Rejection’ option that developed both in the commune of Providencia,» he said. In doing so, he added that «testimonies have been gathered from several of the victims, clinical examinations in the Legal Medical Service and evidence of an audiovisual nature that shows the existence of the crimes and participation».

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