translated from Spanish: They leave a van with 12 bodies and narcomensage

San Lucas, Mich.- A total of 12 male corpses were abandoned in the punt of a van with guerrilla plates on a property of this municipality of San Lucas. According to the prosecution’s early investigations, there is data that the deceased were brought from Guerrero and left in Michoacan lands.
Regarding the matter, it was known that some neighbours in the area found the victims and called the police. The elements of Public Safety were moved to the area and upon confirming the event cordoned off the scene, right on the Huetamo-San Lucas highway, at the detour to the community of Terrero Prieto.
The fines were in the box of a red Nissan NP300 van with Guerrero’s license plate, which was secured by the staff of the Prosecutor’s Office to continue the research on the subject. The deceased are unknown and were transferred to the Medical Forensic Service facility for the practice of law necropsies, police commanders said.
The narcomensages were seized by experts of social representation, the content of which was not revealed as a subject of research. However, government voices commented on this editorial that they concerned the struggle between criminal groups in the region, specifically the Michoacana Family and the Jalisco Nueva Generation Cartel.
On the subject, the Secretariat of Public Security disclosed on its official Twitter account (MICHOACANSSP): «In coordination with @SEDENAmx and @GN_MEXICO_, we reinforced operational actions in the municipality of Huetamo in the face of the location of 12 bodies, in a road section that leads to the town of El Terrero Prieto.
«We maintain surveillance devices, through operational work such as strengthening patrols, installing checkpoints and inspecting vehicles, in order to preserve the safety of the population.»
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