translated from Spanish: What is the Lord’s Ascension?

Mexico.- The Day of the Ascension of Jesus is an international celebration that is celebrated, according to the Christian calendar, 40 days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.This year the Day of Ascension was commemorated on July 21, after 40 days from the Resurrection Sunday that this year was dated April 12 during Holy Week.

It has been recorded that this celebration has been taking place since the 5th century, where according to the sacred scriptures, Jesus had an apparition to his disciples after reproaching the lack of faith that existed at the time among people. After his appearance, Jesus Christ rose through heaven, making the promise that one day he would return to earth in the form of the Holy Ghost, causing all believers to enter the Kingdom of God.


This account is written in the Bible, in the book of Mark, chapter 16, reflecting Jesus’ promise to mankind. The Day of the Lord’s Ascension is celebrated in all the countries of Christianity, as much of Europe, countries of America and some Christian countries of Africa and Assisi.You may be interested: The pope denounces slavery that is still lived in the worldThe Pope asks that they respect the measures and thus, do not return the pandemicMedics and nurses participate in viacrucis in the Vatican

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