translated from Spanish: China did not register new cases of coronavirus within 24 hours

China did not register any new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours for the first time since the pandemic began and detected only two suspected cases, reported from the Chinese National Health Commission. Since 11 May, the new confirmed cases were below the 10, but yesterday they managed to reach zero. Four new cases had been reported the day before, two of them in Jilin, where more than thirty infected people related to Chinese nationals returning to their country from Russia have been detected in recent weeks.

In the last 24 hours there have not been any new deaths, three patients were discharged and 252 contacts close to the infected were discontinued, the Commission said.The total number of confirmed cases in China since the start of the pandemic rises to 82,971, of which 4,634 have died. The site of the pandemic was the first country to shut down factories, businesses and ban travel to combat the virus, as well as the first to relaunch productive activities in March, although it is still far from pre-outbreak levels.As a result there was a sharp economic crisis with job destruction of up to 25 million jobs, according to private estimates. Faced with this situation, the Chinese national government promised to give local governments about 2 trillion yuan (about $280 billion) to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic.

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