translated from Spanish: Freddy Villarreal told how he talked to “the parca”

“Let those who were on the brink of death go to the meeting point.” That was the kick for the guests the driver received last Saturday night on their show will recount their experiences. Then Freddy took a step and began to narrate what it was his turn to live after an intervention he was given where part of his intestine was taken, but the incision got complicated and led him to be in the special care area for 1 month
“They told me I had to have surgery for a possible tumor in my intestines. It was a very large polyp and I ended up in intensive care for a month.”

In the face of the surprise of the guests listening attentively, the actor continued: “I came to find the grizzly and we spoke quickly. I was dying. It was an operation in which part of my intestine was removed and complicated. I’ve been fighting her more than anything about the infection.” In the account he recounted that in the mornings he did not have the strength to perform the exercises he had to do, so that the body would improve faster and on one of those nights in therapy he felt the presence of “the grim” who came looking for him: “I spoke hand-in-hand with the death of truth. I told him I didn’t have time, that I hadn’t finished the things I had to do and waited a little longer for me because I hadn’t finished my homework. I said it with a lot of conviction, for me he got angry and left. I don’t even know if he got scared. I told him he got confused, it wasn’t my time, that he’s a good look at his list because I shouldn’t be. I refused and fought it.” Then, by the end, he said that the episode had happened two years ago and that it had not transcended much in the press. 

Original source in Spanish

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