translated from Spanish: Mañalich ensures that increased coronavirus contagion is not due to «safe return»: «Isolation measures have not been met»

This Sunday the Ministry of Health reported that in the last 24 hours 3,709 new cases of Covid-10 were reported, bringing the total number of infected persons to 69,102. The highest figure since the start of the pandemic – so far – and in the midst of the Government’s call for a «safe return.»
The holder of the Minsal, Jaime Mañalich, referred to this increase in positive cases and indicated that the spread of the virus and its expansion has been explained by the non-compliance with isolation measures by the citizens.
Asked how much the Government’s call for a «safe return» on the spread would have affected, Mañalich replied that «the epidemiological evidence we have so far does not justify this belief that this account of preparing for a ‘safe return’ has been an important explanation for the increase in cases.»
In this sense, Dr. Mañalich added that «the increase in cases is due to the virus itself that he migrated from some sector in the east in Santiago to the rest of the capital».
«It is clear that, even with language or language, measures of isolation and protection of citizens have not been well fulfilled, even though they are known and mandatory,» the minister added.
«This (increased contagion) lies primarily in a role to be followed by citizens who, in the heights we are, it can only be unknown to no one which are to be followed,» he said.

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