translated from Spanish: Not just whites: other strains perfect for seafood

Although it is about to end a month of the sea differently, it is always necessary to remember that we are a country whose essential geographical condition gives us a close link with the ocean and its products. For some reason we have an Exclusive Economic Zone that is close to 3.4 million square kilometers, which is 4.5 times greater than the continental area of our territory.
And if it’s gastronomy, our coasts provide us with an immense variety of seafood, which we usually accompany with white wine. A matter of tastes rather than rules, the truth is that there are also reds that pair very well with dishes that are starring seafood.
In the case of reds, «for their pairing with marine dishes should take into account tannins, selecting those wines that have low tannic load, especially with dishes that have lemon, since acidity and tannins collide and usually leave a metallic and bitter taste not very pleasant», notes the winemaker Rocío Marchant, of Vinos de Chile.
With this in mind, the ink strains that go perfect with marine preparations are:
Pinot noir. A light, fruity wine with good acidity, they also usually have a barrel pass that gives it smoky notes.
Garnacha. They are usually wines of soft, fruity and persistent tannins, a good hit with dishes with fish.
Country. The variety that has taken root in the Chilean countryside and that has soft and friendly tannins, ideal for fish and preparations a little more rustic.
What about the whites? Well, the favorites from the community Nos Gusta El Vino are Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
Sauvignon Blanc. Intimately linked to cold climates, and in Chile historically to the Casablanca Valley, this variety is defined by the word fresco. They are highly aromatic wines, characterized by citrus fruits, green apple, crispy pear, and/or vibrant pineapple, and perhaps with a stony mineral edge. Notes that pair with the sea and coastal recipes that demand a wine that balances the potency of its dishes.
Chardonnay. A worldwide favorite among white wines, this grape has shown that they can adapt in areas of cold climates such as Casablanca, San Antonio, Aconcagua and more recently and with great success in Limarí. Intense in the mouth, it is a strain that shows vibrant in the correct terroirs, producing grapes that appreciate the passage through wood giving complexity and tones to toasted hazelnuts in their right measure. Perfect for full-bodied fish and white meats.

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