translated from Spanish: Four new coronavirus deaths in Argentina, 456 killed

The Government confirmed that since the last report issued On Sunday night, four new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Argentina and the death toll by COVID-19 in the country amounts to 456. Regarding the new deaths, it was reported that they are two males, aged 92 and 70, residents of the City of Buenos Aires and two women, one of 44 years living in the province of Buenos Aires; and a 96-year-old resident in buenos Aires City.The total number of positive COVID-19 cases in Argentina is 12,076:955 (7.9%) imported, 5,302 (43.9%) are close contacts of confirmed cases, 3,766 (31.2%) are cases of community circulation and the rest is in epidemiological research. Of the total cases (12,076), 48.7% are women and 51.3% are men. The main age groups affected by the reported cases are people between the ages of 20 and 59, with the average age being 38 years. To date, the total number of discharges is 3,999 people. Detail by province (Number of confirmed Number of accumulated)*:                                            
Buenos Aires 196 4060
City of Buenos Aires 494 5500
Catamarca 0 0
Chaco 20 748
Chubut 0 4
Cordoba 6 456
Currents 0 78
Between Rivers 0 29
Formosa 0 0
Jujuy 0 5
The Pampa 0 5
La Rioja 0 63
Mendoza 0 90
Missions 0 25
Neuquén 1 115
Black River 5 352
Skip 0 7
San Juan 0 4
St. Louis 0 11
Santa Cruz 0 49
Santa Fe 2 260
Santiago del Estero 0 22
Land of Fire 0 148**
Tucumán -1*** 45
*Those confirmed cases that are not notified by residence were counted by cargo province.
**13 cases in the Falkland Islands are included according to press reports (due to the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland it is not possible to have their own information on the impact of COVID -19 on that part of The Argentine territory).
Yesterday, a confirmed case of Tucumán was reclassified to the City of Buenos Aires.In this note:

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