translated from Spanish: Sebastian Moreno’s resignation to the ANFP materialized

Eventually the anFFP president submitted his resignation to the board of presidents at a virtual meeting that took place this morning and the determination was accepted, but he will leave office at the end of July. The entity will call for elections, however there will be an interim directory, as it confirmed SoyChile. The ones in charge of accompanying Sebastian Moreno and Marco Kaplún at the transitional table for a period of two months are Jorge Aguilar (Colo Colo), Jorge Yunge (Rangers), Arturo Guzmán (Deportes Iquique) and Raúl Jofré (Deportes Antofagasta). In this way, the board is composed of six members until the virtual council of the penultimate day of July, the date on which the new persons who will command Chilean football will be elected. Moreno’s resignation comes after the crisis that a resulted from the suspension of football at the end of last year, following the social outburst. Then, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, almost all members of the board (Aldo Corradossi, Martín Iribarne, Raúl Jélvez and Arturo Aguayo) were resigned. The only one who kept up was Marcos Kaplún. Now, the main candidate to replace the current boss is Jorge Uauy, president of Palestino. The Arab helmsman leads the opposition group.

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