translated from Spanish: Blackwell Strategy recommends using PR strategies to position itself

The use of public relations through specialized companies is a great help in making Startups or start-ups looking for positive positioning, this according to Blackwell Strategy, specializing in crisis management and personal branding.
This is commented by the specialist in corporate reputation, Santiago Caballero, who clarifies that «before anything, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of a company to establish a dynamic work plan, especially since there are currently innovative projects in the hands of great entrepreneurs». 
For the reputable analyst, «the first thing to keep in mind is a thorough study of everything that we can occupy in our favor and everything that might harm us. THE FODA analysis (strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats) can help us identify all of this,» Caballero said.
The specialist added that Startups they must work on positioning their brand in networks and digital media; however, they should not belittle exposure in traditional media, as the latter will make them reach another type of audience. 
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«What we are looking for is obviously positioning and this is achieved through digital platforms, but if it is not reinforced by offline means, there is a risk that the message we want to issue will not transcend. It’s a dumbbell we need to work on,» recommended reputation firm Blackwell Strategy. 
He also said that Startups they should see public relations agencies as their best allies, as they will help them build their own reputation so that they can compete strongly in the market. 
«Beyond advertising, it’s public relations that make brands great,» argued Santiago Caballero.

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