translated from Spanish: Covid-19 units remain saturated in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Dozens of users of THE medical units of THE IMSS, Issste and general hospital arrive every day to the Triage module with some symptoms of Covid-19. Rightholders have to wait up to three hours to be assessed by doctors.

Covid-19 Attention Module
Currently, everyone with flu, cough, throat irritation and fever is channeled into the Triage office. They’re fully valued there. At the Mexican Social Security Institute there is so much demand for patients that even there on the esplanade, a doctor takes pressure and temperature before they enter the institution to be valued by the doctor. It is decided there whether the patient requires the sample to be taken to confirm or reject Covid-19.
Also, if they need to be interned. Fear of spreading
There’s a fear of catching, Catherine highlighted. She is a pharmacy employee and when she develops a fever she was sent to IMSS to be assessed by the doctor and given a diagnosis to define whether she returns to work or goes home to isolate he/she. Last Sunday she went to the ER in the afternoon and was told that the next day she had to go to the module to be assessed. The attention took time because the disinfection of the place was delayed. It was said that it was due to the employees being on strike, but no authority confirmed it.

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