translated from Spanish: PS senators officiate Ministers Briones and Sichel to transparent spending on «Food for Chile» boxes

The bank of socialist senators officiated the ministers of finance, Ignacio Briones y Desarrollo Social, Sebastián Sichel, to account for the amount of spending associated with the «Food for Chile» program, which envisages the purchase and distribution of food boxes to the most vulnerable sectors of the country in the current economic crisis that has led covid-19.
In detail, parliamentarians request more information on the disbursement that will involve the purchase of inputs, food and basic necessities, which will be distributed in the context of the programme, as well as the cost of unit value of each item. They also request information on the tax expenditure that will involve the collection and distribution of the total boxes, the number of people who will collaborate, the total number of boxes to be distributed and the mechanism of purchasing the boxes, with the foundations that led to the choice of one supplier and discard others.
Other issues that make up the trade, mention that ministers should pay account for the criterion for delivering the boxes to be distributed, specifying which instruments will be used to determine those who will be responsible for receiving this aid, as well as the scope of the measure in the country, indicating the percentage of the population, families and households that will benefit , throughout Chile.
Finally, and in general terms, senators require that the wallets refer to the number of boxes that will be distributed in each of the regions and communes of the country, indicating the date on which these baskets will be delivered.
The senators who presented the office were the PS Carlos Montes, Juan Pablo Letelier, Isabel Allende, Alvaro Elizalde, José Miguel Insulza, Rabindranath Quinteros and Alfonso de Urresti.

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