translated from Spanish: With Gael García Bernal, comes the second season of «Here on Earth»

Fox presents the second season of «Here on Earth», his original fiction produced alongside «The Gulf Stream» (producer of the actor with Daniel Luna), which explores the dark places of politics, human ambitions and desires.

The series will premiere its second installment on Friday, June 17 at 00 a.m., and a week-added new episode to Fox Premium, the channel’s streaming content platform, where the first full part is now available. Based on an idea of Golden Globe Award winner Gael García Bernal («Mozart in the Jungle,» and also known as «Motorcycle Diary»), «Here on Earth» develops the crimes and secrets of one of Mexico’s most influential families, medddle in the ambitions and places most hidden from sinister characters but with a very human side.

Directed by Mexicans Gabriel Ripstein («600 Miles»), Daniel Giménez Cacho («La Cordillera») and Mariana Chenillo («Club de Cuervos»), who also participated in writing together with Kyzza Terrazas and Dorantes; the series features a cast consisting of: García Bernal, Alfonso Dosal («Third Call»), Tenoch Huerta («Deficit»), Daniel Giménez Cacho («La Cordillera»), Yoshira Escárrega («From Miguel a Cervantes»), Colombia’s Paulina Dávila («El Comandante») and Spain’s Ariadna Gil («No Breath»). Composed of eight episodes, the new season will feature the addition of Oscar-nominated Mexican actress Adriana Barraza («Babel») and Mexicans Natasha Dupeyron («The Seeker, Find») and Kristyan Ferrer («A Strange Enemy»).» The series tells the story of two young people from the antipodes of society and whose paths crossed in childhood. One of them, Carlos (Dosal), was born into a powerful family, surrounded by luxuries and privileges. The other, Adam (Huerta), is of humble origin, son of the head of custody of Carlos’ family and has grown up near a great political power and a great fortune, but always as a witness and never as a participant. But both live in a realm of excess and impunity that will plunge them into the darker side of politics and power struggles,» says a Fox statement.

«Here on Earth» premieres its second season

Recordings of this second season were in locations in Mexico City, as well as Patagonia Argentina. The chapters will follow Charles and Adam. While the former seems to look at some truths about the death of his father Orlando, the other, he will continue his political and social rise from his dual role in the San Marcos conflict.» Here on Earth» is a promising production that has garnered high recognition and criticism after its presentation in 2018 at the prestigious Cannes International Series Festival «Canneseries» and awarded the «Golden Eye» as «Best Series» at the Zurich Film Festival and the Phoenix Award for «Best Actor Ensemble in Series». This second season comes in times when the world is going through a pandemic through the new coronavirus, when art provides refuge amid suffering and social estrangement. In this note:
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