translated from Spanish: How to disinfect a cell phone efficiently?

The era we live in today is in many ways radially different from the one that previous generations lived, so much so, that with smartphones it is now possible to possess an extension of yours, something previously unimaginable. Cell phones, being so involved in the daily life of most, are a risk factor during the coronavirus pandemic that crosses the world, because they accumulate bacteria and in this case, viruses.

It should be remembered that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that there is evidence that sars-cov-2 can remain for hours and even days on surfaces of various materials. According to the University of Arizona, an average smartphone has 10 times more germs than a toilet lid, and 9 out of 10 of those devices carry a disease-propagating microbe.

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Below you will read a compilation of recommendations that will help to disinfect your device so that you do not take any risks, or endanger those around you. If the outer shell is plastic, diluted alcohol is recommended in water, never pure alcohol.
Cell phones that have plastic or glass protection can be cleaned with a soft cloth that is absorbent while not damaging the surface and collecting particles.
No cleaning or disinfectant should be sprayed directly on the device, because it can enter the inside of the equipment and damage it.
It is important to avoid wetting open areas of the appliance, such as the charger cable input, headset, or microphone.
Wet wipes containing diluted alcohol are preferable for disinfection.
When cleaning, you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure on the device screen, so as not to damage its circuits.
It is also important to consider carrying it in an internal bag, not leave it on any surface and not share it with others. You may be interested:Ask to extend 15 days healthier distance, in MexicoA frequent cleaning can cause wear and corrosion of the surface of the phone, so it is recommended to do so with «delicacy». You may be interested:How to disinfect the head coverings

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