translated from Spanish: “I admire you and I love you”: Nico Vazquez celebrated Gime Accardi’s birthday

This May 27, actress Gimena Accardi turns 35 and although the context of social isolation, preventive and mandatory by the pandemic of the new coronavirus makes it private, she received the closeness of the affection of her nearest beings.

Among them, of course that of her husband and actor, Nicolás Vázquez, who through her Instagram account posted a video with different moments in which the actress and former protagonist of “Separate” are seen smiling, walking, and touring the world.

“So spontaneous, true, funny, generous, funny, intelligent, talented, grumpy, beautiful, laughing, best friend, companion, lioness, just, perfect and imperfect. You,” he began by expressing the actor in the sense of message, which she completed: “Woman empowered and always with love, I wish you to be happy today and always. You deserve that and more. I admire you and I love you.”

Message from Nico Vázquez to Gime Accardi Photo: Instagram

The relationship between them generates a furore in thousands of followers, so it was enough to only post the video that the actor’s name became a trend, that is, the most talked about on Twitter. The publication gathered more than 346,000 reproductions. Through her Instagram stories, the actress took the opportunity to recognize the affection of her close friends and repossessed many of the messages, including that of her sister-in-law Soledad Vázquez, her colleagues Julieta Zylberberg, Julieta Nahir Calvo, and more.

Stories by Gime Accardi

“Today is my birthday, and I can only thank and thank you. I came to my 35 years surrounded by love, friends, laughter, dances and festivities, 20 years ago I worked from what I love, I traveled a lot, I knew many people and cultures, I debate, studied things that I was passionate about, and I sighed with many sunsets and full moons.
I don’t change anything from these 35 years, I don’t take anything away or add anything. It was good like this, with its moments of happiness and with the moments of shit, with the laughter very strong and with the deep pains. I learned and learned if to stop. I’m in the middle of my birthday, growing up, changing, accepting me as I am. Thank you,” he said.

Stories by Gime Accardi

Stories by Gime Accardi
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