translated from Spanish: Learn at Home: Questions and Activities 1 and 2 Of Primary May 27

Mexico.- While the health contingency for the COVID-19 pandemic continues, students continue to take their classes online as part of the PMI «Learn at Home» program. We share here the questions and activities for first and second grade in elementary school this Wednesday, May 27, 2020, which you will need to solve and add to your experiences folder.

Language: Rhyming…
In the class of this day you will write new versions of rhymes and coplas made according to the characteristics of form and content of the textual type. You’ll have fun with songs and rounds that have words that rhyme, that is, words that sound the same. After listening to them you will try to invent some new rhymes and for you to play with your family. See pages 19 and 31 of your «Mother Language» textbook. Second grade Spanish» to explore the subject. If you don’t have the book you can read it by clicking HERE.
Watch the following videos and listen carefully to try to identify the rhymes.
Video 1: Cute fish 

Video 2: Banana and Apple

Video 3: I had 10 puppies

Video 4: Chumba la cachumba

Video 5: My donkey has a headache

Questions and activities for the experiences folder
Talk as a family and answer questions through a small writing or drawing. Don’t forget to save your answers to your experiences folder. Add one or two different rhymes to one of the songs you listened to.
Let’s see how:»My donkey hurts his face, the doctor sends him»… what do you think? Write.
Knowledge of the Environment: I take care of nature
In this session you will learn how some of your actions affect nature, and which ones can help take care of it.Have you heard that several of our actions cause damage to nature? That the air is polluted and the rivers dry up? You’ll learn about these actions and others about how you and your family can contribute to nature care. See page 126 through 133 of your first», «Knowledge of the Middle» textbook to explore this topic. If you don’t have the book read it HERE.
Watch the following videos to learn about the planet and what’s happening to it. Ask an adult to come with you to see them.
Video 1: What’s wrong with the planet?

Video 2: Stories to Take Care of the Environment

Questions and activities for the experiences folder
What actions could you take with your family to take care of the environment? Make a list of some actions together and take them out.
Indigenous Language: Long words and short words
In this class you will learn to distinguish long words from short words.Have you noticed that when you write there are some words that are long and others that are short? In this session you will know these differences. Watch the videos below to learn about this topic.
Video 1: Long, short words
Watch this video from 4:05 and until 8:59.

Video 2: Walking
It is easy in Spanish to distinguish long, short words when written. Try reading in this video so you can identify the two types of words.

Questions and activities for the experiences folder
Write in your notebook two short names of the animals mentioned in the story.
Write down the names of people in your home, including yours. Which is the longest? Which is the shortest?
Art: Music makes me feel
In this session you will discover the traditional Mexican music and music that some children make in their communities. You will identify the sounds of each piece of music and you will realize that in each region there are different and characteristic rhythms and sounds. Watch and enjoy the following videos.
Video 1: Traditional Dances of Mexico

Video 2: Chinantecos – Recovering Our Band
Watch this video from 0:52 to 4:35.

Video 3: Purépechas – Songs, Dances and Color
Watch this video from 2:22 to 3:20.

Video 4: Chontales – I Am Drummer

Questions and activities for the experiences folder
Were you able to identify any dances from where you live?
Do you know any songs representative of where you live? If not, ask someone in your family. Interpure it with your voice, or with the instrument you play, and keep discovering the magic of Mexican music.
Thank you for your effort!
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