translated from Spanish: Strawberry eclipse will take place on June 5

Mexico City.- In June you will be able to observe two astrological phenomena. The first will be a lunar eclipse that will take place on day 5. The second is a solar eclipse that will occur on Thursday 25.The next lunar phenomenon is known as the prenunbral eclipse, but in some parts of northeastern America it is called «strawberry moon eclipse», because it occurs in the harvest season of this fruit.

The name could also be attributed to the pink and reddish tones of the Earth’s natural satellite, due to its position, according to NASA information. Felipe Chou, a spokesman for NASA, explained in an interview to the BBC, that «The moon’s orbit around Earth is almost on the same plane as the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, so when the Sun ranks higher in the sky, near the summer solstice, the full moon in front of the Sun is shown further down in the sky»This phenomenon will be visible from Asia , Europe, Australia, Africa and South America on June 5 and will have its point culminating between 5:00 and 21:00 hours. You may be interested:NASA discovers rotating disc that questions the formation of galaxiesAll ready for the Demo 2 space mission despite bad weatherTrump will attend the launch of SpaceX’s first manned flight

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