translated from Spanish: «The three-legged table»: Guillier’s economic forums

Two meetings have had various political authorities, social leadership and opposition-related economists, as part of the initiative «The three-legged table, Civil Society Meetings, Parliamentarians and Economists: Profiling a public policy proposal for the future of Chile», raised by senator and former presidential candidate, Alejandro Guillier.
The call, reminiscent of Claudio Véliz’s essay «The Three-Legged Table», was cited on May 14 and 21 via Zoom more than 50 personalities with the aim of building programmatic concenses for the opposition. They stressed that the idea is to go beyond a political agreement, so they have called up social actors, experts, parliamentarians and mayors.
The virtual meeting was attended by members of Congress such as Senators Yasna Provoste (DC), Francisco Huenchumilla (DC), Ximena Rincón (DC), Ximena Orders (PPD), Socialists Isabel Allende, José Miguel Insulza and Rabindranath Quinteros; the deputies of the phalanx, Carlos Abel Jarpa and Rodrigo Gonzalez. There was also the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue (PC), the general secretary of UNAPYME, Gianina Figueroa, the academic Gonzalo Delamaza (former president of the National Council of Citizen Participation) and Alejandro Reyes, president COP25 Forum Organizations of the Civil Society. The «Forum for Sustainable Development» was attended by the savings Alvaro Díaz, Eugenio Rivera, Ricardo French Davis, Roberto Zahler, Jorge Leiva, Hernan Frigolett, Osvaldo Rosales, Luis Eduardo Escobar, Ana María Correa, Andres Palma, Carlos Ominami, Alvaro García, Jorge Leiva and Jorge Katz.
In that debate, Senator Guillier explained that the way in which the Coronavirus pandemic is confronted «will draw the new Chile that will be born» and that based on these dialogues, it seeks to generate a proposal that responds to future unemployment, to the bankruptcy of companies and to the recession «with effective and efficient programs, that will make possible a future without the eideological ties of the right».
For his part, Mayor Jadue focused on the need for economic revival to begin in local governments and proposed to look at the experience in Europe. Senator Allende emphasized the communicational dominance of the media government, the inadequacy of the economic measures taken and the need to seek a tax agreement and a new fiscal policy.
Within the opposition this series of meetings, led by the former new Majority presidential candidate, is seen as an attempt to re-oruls the parties and social actors that were disintgregated after the election defeat in December 2017. A coordination that could be combined with other bridges that are being drawn between opposition forces.

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