translated from Spanish: Government withdraws complaint for crime «incitement to subversion» against leader of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party

During this day, metropolitan mayor Felipe Guevara, through his lawyer representative, Jorge Bofill, gave up the government’s legal actions against the leader of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party, Dauno Tótoro following his polemic statements against President Piñera in a video broadcast on social media during the social outburst.
According to La Tercera, Bofill entered a letter today before the Seventh Guarantee Court. «We ask to have as despondeny the complaint presented by Felipe Guevara Stephens, with the express acceptance of the complainant Dauno Tótoro Navarro», is supported in the text.
On the Government’s decision, criminal lawyer Miguel Schurmann noted that «this dismissal is a demonstration that they were wrong to file the complaint. Dauno has committed no crime in expressing his views, on the contrary it is political opinions and when the Government gives up this complaint that wins is democracy and freedom of expression that is what we have always said.»
It should be recalled that last November, at the height of the October revolt, the Government complained against Totoro for the crime of «incitement to subversion», following its controversial statements in a viral video on the internet. «We want Piñera to fall, we want this government and its ashes to fall. To build a free and sovereign Constituent Assembly, and for no state institution above it,» the leader of the Revolutionary Workers’ Party shot on that occasion.
The court will have to rule on the brief on Monday and the Public Prosecutor’s Office has to propose how the case will end.

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