translated from Spanish: Killed by Covid-19 today May 29 in Ecuador reach 3,334

Quito.- Ecuador recorded on Friday 3,334 deaths by COVID-19 and another 2,129 «likely», as well as 38,571 positives of this disease at the national level, the Ministry of Public Health reported.So far 113,808 samples have been taken for COVID-19 in the country, between PCR and rapid tests, thanks to which 49,719 cases have been discarded.

The provincial data, which are based solely on PCR tests, indicate that the Guayas coaster continues to lead the list by registering 13,928 infected and 1,397 deaths, followed by the Andean one of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, with 3,911 positives and 300 deaths. They are followed in order by the provinces of Manabí with 2,199 cases, Los Ríos with 1,473 and El Oro which gathers 1,066 contagions, while the rest of the provinces have fewer than a thousand cases each. According to the official daily part disseminated by the authorities, 15,406 victims are stable in home isolation and 464 hospitalized in stable condition, while 231 are admitted under reserved forecast. In addition, 3,850 patients have recovered, 4,269 received hospital discharge and 11,017 have been discharged from epidemiological discharge. At the national level, the most affected age group is 20 to 49 years, which brings together 56.1% of cases, followed by 50 to 64 years, which is 24.3%, and that of over 65, with 16.3% confirmed. Ecuador is in a process of changing phase of the epidemiological strategy to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to move from mass isolation to social estrangement, with the gradual and coordinated lifting of the restrictions in force since March 16. The Ecuadorian capital will next week move to a new phase of de-escalation, having received the green light from the Government to switch to yellow, with which some restrictions will be lifted. At the moment, most of the country’s 221 municipalities maintain «red» in the epidemiological «traffic light» system, although about 30 percent of the population are already in «yellow,» according to the authorities.

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