translated from Spanish: National Economic Prosecutor’s Office approved unconditions for Uber’s purchase of Cornershop

The National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) announced that it unrestrictedly approved the purchase of Cornershop by Uber, and assured that with the background that was achieved during the investigation, it took the conviction that «the operation does not substantially reduce competition and, consequently, cannot adversely affect, in terms of access, price, quantity or quality, the conditions of use of the last mile services platforms of supermarkets and in the other markets in which they participate parties in Chile.»
The investigation, the FNE said began in December 2019 and it analyzed the risks of eliminating a potential competitor and the joint sale of anti-competitive products, which the agency said it ruled out after the analysis of the situation.
Following this, a market analysis and the effects of the operation were carried out, as well as assessing the risks of the purchase redirecting incentives for Uber and Cornershop to innovate in other areas of e-commerce.
«Additionally, since the final stage of the investigation was decreed in Chile State of Constitutional Exception due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prosecutor’s Office expanded its analysis to assess whether the contingency could affect the operation and the market,» the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office said.

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