translated from Spanish: One cousin, Diana’s alleged femicide, Nayarit’s university

The Attorney General’s Office of Nayarit Confirmed the arrest of the alleged femicide of the student of the Autonomous University of Nayarit, Diana Carolina Raygoza. This is his cousin Victor Emmanuel «N», a specialist in public safety and criminals, and who has apparently harassed the young woman for several months.
At a press conference, state prosecutor Petronilo Ponce Medrano reported that they have sufficient evidence to sustain not only the possible responsibility of the detainee in Diana’s murder, but also that he is a subject with psychotic hatred of women who could have become a serial killer.
«We hadn’t met a criminal who had these characteristics and behavioral disorder. It’s a situation that draws a lot of attention because we might have had a serial killer. Fortunately, the situation was clarified very quickly, the evidence was processed and we were able to stop it,» the prosecutor said.
The initial clues that led to the identification of the possible femicide arose from the crime scene. Diana was murdered in her home, but neither the doors nor windows were forced, which allowed to presume that it was a nearby with keys to the home. In addition, signs of the young woman’s struggle were noticed, which made it possible for her assailant to have an injury.
Both leads led to Victor. First because he and his mom were the only ones who had a key to Diana’s house because, sometimes, they were going to feed the dogs. «It was in fact striking that the dogs did not bark when the assailant entered the home, which is another sign that he was an acquaintance,» says the prosecutor.
But also when Victor’s statement was sned, like that of other relatives, it was noticed that he had cut on his arms, necks and backs. The suspect said they were the result of an assault attempt, but then changed his version and fell into contradictions.
From there he delved into the inquiry into Victor and more clues were discovered. For example, some relatives referred to him as «crazy» because they said she had strange behavior, while others in the environment closest to Diana noted that she had expressed «fear» of her cousin because she had harassed her on several occasions.
The search, findings and hatred of women
With this background, the Prosecutor’s Office requested and obtained a search warrant at Victor’s home from a judge. What he found in his chamber confirmed not only the young man’s possible involvement in the crime, but what the prosecutor defined as possible «psychopathy,» a behavioral disorder, and an obvious hatred of women.
«In the suspect’s chamber we find notebooks that profile this sycopathy. Prostitutes, pregnant women, lesbians, witches are mentioned in a very dismissive way and women are emphasized as the subject of hatred, violence and physical assault. There are drawings of sharp weapons and human figures of women usually in injury situations,» he said.
He added, «we even found two species of recipes that explain how to kill, how to uncover bodies and even a writing about eating women.»
Ponce Medrano said that in the time he’s been a prosecutor, he hadn’t met a possible murderer of these characteristics, whose profile added to his knowledge of criminals and gun management, suggests that he could have become a serial killer.
The prosecutor further revealed that experts in graphoscopy analyzed Victor’s signature and compared it to the acronym «SF» left with blood on a wall in the room where Diana Carolina was murdered, and was also compared to the letters in her room notebooks. There’s a coincidence in everything.
They were eventually located in the suspect’s chamber of the suspicious garments with blood, which will be laboratory-tested to determine if they matched the victim’s.
«We also have security camera footage, geolocation data, information obtained from the victim’s cell phones and the suspect, and other evidence that we will present to the judge,» the prosecutor said.
What’s next?
The Prosecutor’s Office will make Victor Emmanuel available on Saturday to a control judge to make the allegation against him for the crime of femicide aggravated by reason of kinship, since there is a family and blood nexus between the aggressor and the victim.
If the judge considers that the evidence is sufficient, it will link Victor to prosecution and order a further investigation period prior to going to oral trial. Since this is a felony, there is no possibility that the detainee could be released while the process is taking place.
The fische said that, if found guilty, the prosecution will ask the judge to apply the maximum penalty against Victor that could be up to 75 years in prison.
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