translated from Spanish: SEMACM to take its own cleaning measures for return of activities in Morelia City Hall

Morelia, Michoacán.-After the Morelia City Council issued the circular ordering the return to activities in all areas, from June 01 the employees have issued their positioning due to the vulnerability in which they could find there was no special protocol to prevent contagion of Covid-19.
In an interview, the leader of the Union of Municipal Administrative and Related Employees of Morelia (SEMACM), Jorge Molina Bazán, noted that for weeks some areas were reinstated to work, so the only group that «subtracted» to reactivate, was that of mothers heads of households with children over the age of 12, without specifying so far how many will be added to the restart of activities.
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«In some areas there were roles, i.e. some people worked one day and others to not overwhelm the offices. But the operational areas have been operating regularly, talking about the areas of clean, toilet, parks and gardens, public works and markets, have been working in a normal way,» he said.
Molina Bazán indicated that, as a union, they have received the support of the municipal authority by having equipped them with some bottle-covers, antibacterial gel and sanitizing liquid with which the work spaces are cleaned daily what if not allowed and in that we do not agree with the municipal authority is, he said, in the use of the checker watch with fingerprint , the sharing of computer equipment and keyboards, in the same way in offices where desks or service payment boxes are together will have to be separated and the authority, together with unionized employees, will have to verify that the health protocols are complied with between both parties by both parties.

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