translated from Spanish: The Last of Us 2 will introduce an adult Ellie with great physical abilities

The release of The Last of Us 2 is set for June 19, but although three weeks to go, so many details have been revealed that fans have to be counting the days to try it on PS4, the only console that the novelty of Naughty Dog will arrive. , the protagonists of the first installment of this saga that debuted in 2013.The Last of Us 2 is set five years later, so Ellie is no longer a devastated teenager after surviving a terrible pandemic, but a woman who has managed to rebuild her life, and who lives next to Joel in Jackson, a quiet community. However, serious events quickly break that peace and lead the young woman on a quest for revenge in completely new locations. One of the most important is the city of Seattle, which presents an aesthetic and structures that take advantage of the new physical skills of the protagonist – who will be much more agile than Joel – in terms of jumping and climbing, which will help him a lot throughout the adventure that, according to what is shown, deserves to be deeply explored. And if you don’t want to do it on foot, you can ride horses or ride a boat. The iconic American city is here a place where two guerrillas contest resources and territories: Los Lobos and Los Serapitas, and the infected? These once humans who mutated due to a brain infection will also be an important part of this delivery. In fact, on this occasion they will be more, faster and of much more varied (and perhaps large) types. Listen mode Back Listening mode will be back in The Last of Us 2, to hear enemies in this installment where stealth will be one of the keys to success. However, the arsenal of weapons will be varied and much needed on certain occasions, such as complex hand-to-hand combat. Due to the themes it touches, high violent content, sexual and linked to the LGBTQ world, the video game has already been banned in some countries of the Middle East.

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