translated from Spanish: «The Silent Party» and «Reset, Start Again»: Argentine premieres in June

June begins and with it comes two Argentine premieres to enjoy during social isolation, mandatory and preventive by the new coronavirus: «The silent party» and «Reset, start again».

Once the pandemic was declared in March, and in Argentina, the confinement to quell the spillover curve – which awaits its peak for the following month – the cinemas closed, filming and premieres were interrupted. The audiovisual industry – as well as the various branches that make up the show – is going through a deep crisis that has escalated in these times. However, streaming content platforms arrive to accompany the work of artists, as well as to recognize the fundamental role of art in these times, which helps to entertain those who must remain in their homes (even though more than two months of isolation have passed).

«The Silent Party» and «Reset, Start Again» will first premiere on June 4 on Cine.Ar TV and from June 5 they will remain on Cine.Ar Play for a week. At 20 hours, you can watch «Reset, Start Again», a film directed by Alejandro Hartmann and starring Fabricio Oberto. The plot: «Although he hasn’t played basketball for six years, Fabricio Oberto still misses the competition and is looking for a way to end his sporting career. The encounter with his former companions of the Golden Generation illuminates the different paths they took to give new meaning to their lives.»

At 22 hours, «The Silent Party» arrives, directed by Diego Fried and co-directed by Federico Finkielstain and starring Jasmine Stuart, Gerardo Romano, Esteban Bigliardi and Gastón Cocchiarale. The film develops the plans for a wedding, which will change bluntly with an unexpected act of violence and other events that will turn the story around. So you already know how to support national cinema and also entertain yourself during this quarantine, to stay home and take care of others.
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