translated from Spanish: AMLO thanks companies to pay sat debits

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that tax collection has not fallen in the country despite the crisis, and congratulated the executives of Walmart, FEMSA and IBM of Mexico to pay the debits they had in the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
The president said that thanks to these payments, the Mexican economy successfully draws the decline of the world economy and that its effects have not been as strong.
He said Walmart agreed to pay 8.079 million pesos, while FEMSA disclosed that it recognized a debt to the Treasury of 8.790 million pesos, while IBM of Mexico was 669 million.
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«I want to thank the managers, the owners of these corporations (…) that there are no privileges, that if humble people pay taxes, like VAT and if this same makes a worker and a professional a small businessman why not the big corporations and this has been understood,» he said.
«Despite the regrets, even though the world economy fell, because of this pandemic and also because of its level of fragility, and the neoliberal model as I said on other occasions is in frank decline, the world economy falls, it affects all the countries of the world, but we were not badly gripped, we were not fully knocked down and there we go, little by little, recovering,» he said.
He also referred to tax collection because, despite the crisis, there was an increase of 100 billion pesos in the January-May period of this year compared to 2019.
«Why haven’t we fortunately dropped the proceeds? Because debts are being taken that some companies, corporate, had, and this has allowed us to have income to strengthen the public treasury,» he stressed.
He stressed that the depreciation of the peso against the dollar was reversed: «it cost a dollar more than 25 pesos and on Friday it was already 22 pesos with 20 cents per dollar, so our currency is being appreciated.»
López Obrador explained that the same thing happened in the case of the oil price, which recovered in a month to reach $30 per barrel.
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