translated from Spanish: Brazil nears 29,000 dead and 500,000 COVID-19 cases

Brazil recorded 956 new coronavirus deaths on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths to 28,834 and outperforming those in France, while the number of contagions is close to half a million, the Government reported.
Confirmed cases reached 498,440 on Saturday, a figure that ratifies Brazil as the second most affected country in the world, behind only the United States, and which over the past 24 hours was joined by another 33,274 people infected.
According to the independent johns hopkins university account, which has become a global benchmark, the United States is the country with the dead by COVID-19 (103,389), followed by the United Kingdom (38,458), Italy (33,340) and now Brazil (28,834), which surpassed France (28,771) on Saturday.
The death toll in Brazil dropped from the thousands for the first time since last Tuesday, but health specialists consider that the balance sheets disseminated on weekends do not cover all cases, as there is a reduction in the staff responsible for the processing of pandemic data.
It also considers that the number of cases and deaths is much higher, especially because of the small number of tests carried out by the Brazilian health authorities, compared to those applied in other countries.
The peak of the pandemic in Brazil, according to various public health experts, is estimated to be reached between the months of June and July, so the country is considered to still face about four or five weeks with the pathogen in full expansion.
Still, many cities in the country have begun to relax social isolation measures and quarantines adopted since last March.
One of those cities where the return of commercial activities has been advanced is Brasilia, the first in the country to adopt social isolation measures, last March.
This weekend was the first with the malls in operation and thousands of people resumed their consumption habits, suppressed over the past two months. Bars and restaurants remain closed, but trade has returned to full throttle.

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