translated from Spanish: ChileAtiende reinforces call to prefer online procedures amid pandemic

The director of IPS ChileAtiende in Valparaíso, Marcial Fernández, reiterated the call to remain in their homes to the citizenry and stressed the importance of going to branches as long as it is strictly necessary, «privileging the use of web platforms, social networks and 101 for telephone consultations». Fernández stressed that in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic it is «especially important that citizens, and not just the highest risk groups, welcome health recommendations» and highlighted the recent announcement by the Minister of Social Development regarding that to apply for Emergency Family Income through the website will only require the identity card (and not the Unique Key). He explained that «in line with the need to safeguard the health of the community and our officials we are promoting the use of our web platforms, in order to facilitate compliance with basic recommendations such as staying at home and respecting social estrangement.» The director invited those who need to go to a branch to review in which operations are, stressing that on the same site you can access payment dates and hundreds of online paperwork. For more information and inquiries, call center 101 and the Chilean social networks are availableat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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