translated from Spanish: Minsal reports 4,220 new cases of Covid-19 and Chile approaches thousands deceased since the start of the pandemic

Lamenting the death of the sixth health worker from Covid-19, Under-Secretary Paula Daza was charged with delivering a new report of the progress of the pandemic in the country.
In the last 24 hours, according to the estimates of the Ministry of Health, 4,220 new cases of coronavirus were reported, bringing the total number of infections to 94,858.
Of the total number of people affected by the disease, the health authority confirmed that 3736 people are symptomatic cases, while 484 cases are asymptomatic.
In the name of the Minsal, 53 people were killed. The total number of deaths, so far, is 997 since the start of the pandemic.
This disease «has not given us a truce,» undersecretary Daza insisted, who stressed the need for «strict isolation.»
Regarding the number of tests, the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, added that 16,814 exams were carried out in the last 24 hours, which gives a total of 563,320 tests since the arrival of the Covid-19 in Chile.
In relation to the fans, there are 345 available and another 60 are added tomorrow, Minister Mañalich said. In addition, 1,151 people are connected to mechanical ventilation, and 306 are in critical condition. That is, when the patient has a fault, «not only lung, but also other associated organs (…) have flaws of more than one system,» he said.
Mañalich recalled that there are 85 health residences in the country, with 4,157 rooms available.

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