translated from Spanish: National Organ Donation Day

The date was proposed after the birth of the child of the first patient who received a liver transplant in a public hospital, thus representing the possibility of living and giving life after a transplant. Since the quarantine began and with the implementation of preventive and mandatory social isolation measures, 214 transplants were performed as reported by the Argentine Transplant Society (SAT), within the framework of the National Day of Organ Donation.

A total of 156 organ transplants (95 kidney transplants, 36 liver transplants, 15 cardiacs, 1 lung, 1 pancreatic, 5 renopancreatic and 3 hepatorrenal) and 58 cornea transplants were performed. As reported from the organization»The scientific entity takes advantage of the commemoration of the National Day of organ and tissue donation to thank donor patients and their families, anonymous heroes who over the years, and in the face of critical moments such as death, had the courage and generosity to allow others to continue living and improve their quality of life.» Added. And today virtually under the hashtag #AbrazosDeVida the community is also called to participate in the commemoration of this day «sharing their hugs on their social networks, virtual hugs that will make it possible for thousands of people to continue to donate and save lives»

More than 7000 people need a transplant in our country. This date, which recalls the birth of the child of the 1st patient who gave birth after receiving a transplant, is an opportunity to manifest your willingness to be a donor. Source: INCUCAI-FavaloroEduca— Favaloro University (@unifavaloro)
May 30, 2020

In the statement sent by the Incucai, they note: «Scientific society recalls the importance of raising awareness throughout society about the ongoing need to encourage organ donation. Despite the improvement in the number of transplants since the sanction of Law No. 27,447 in 2018, there remains a strong mismatch between the number of patients who require an organ to continue living and the organs available, causing a considerable number of patients to die in waiting, without ever being able to access transplantation,» they concluded. And they detailed that today, it is 7131 people waiting for an organ transplant and 1806 corneas.

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