translated from Spanish: Offenders took the life of a teenager, in Zamora

Zamora, Michoacán.- On Friday afternoon, a teenager was shot dead in the streets of the Valencia Primera Section colony, by unknown subjects who after perpetrating the murder fled before the arrival of the police.
The crime was recorded around 16:50 hours, on Santiago Street (Valencia) corner with Santander, to where the elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard were mobilized who delimited the area.
The site was also hit by the Rescue and Rescue paramedics themselves who checked the aggrieved and confirmed that he no longer had vital signs, due to the severe gun projectile injuries he was presenting.
It was known that the deceased was between 12 and 14 years old, which wore blue denim trousers, as well as a blue T-shirt with white stripes and grey tennis, as a particular sign presents a tattoo of a revolver on one of his arms.
Minutes later, staff from the State Attorney General’s Office met, which packed six percussed shell casings. After the law was completed, the body was transferred to the local Semefo, waiting for him to be identified.

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