translated from Spanish: Relatives of Luis Espinoza call for life for those involved in the murder

Relatives of Luis Espinoza called for justice to be done and for all those involved in the crime to be sentenced to «perpetual prison.» The policeman who fired is not the only culprit, they acted in complicity, they planned how to get Luis away and dump his body,» Patricia Cuevas, Espinoza’s sister-in-law, told local media. 

Espinoza disappeared during a police operation in Tucumán and was found dead a week later, in a difficult ravine located on the border between that province and Catamarca.The expertise indicated that the bullet that hit his shoulder blade came out of a 9-millimeter Jericho regulatory weapon belonging to Officer José Morales.

LUIS ESPINOZA, PRESENT:Why since Friday the 15th after being beaten with his brother by the police nothing else was known about Luis Espinoza? Why only yesterday did his lifeless body be found 150 meters from the border with Catamarca?#JusticiaPorLuisEspinoza—The Mighty Gorge (@gargantapodero)
May 24, 2020

«They are all complicit in Luis’s death, we need justice to be done, that it is perpetual for all and that over time do not leave one of the prison,» said Cuevas.La prosecutor argues that the man was killed in Melcho, that his body was then transferred to the Monteagudo police station and finally discarded in Catamarca, where he was thrown down a ravine wrapped in plastic.

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