translated from Spanish: Woman injured after hitting her vehicle against a tree in Cosalá, Sinaloa

Cosalá, Sinaloa.- With beatings and injuries of consideration it was a neighbor of the city of Mazatlan who identified herself as Cinthia Melina «N», who was heading to Cosalá.The events happened around 13:00 hours yesterday, at kilometer 06 of the federal river that leads to the municipality previously referred to the height of the town of Japuino.

Supposedly the injured one was driving at immoderate speed a Recently modeled Ford S50 Marca Digo car with Federal District plates.In one stretch she went off to her left side and with the speed she was carrying, wanting to join the asphalt tape she lost control, leaving on her right side, to end up hitting a tree where it stopped its march. They were motorists passing through the site, who stopped to help the driver, while requesting the presence of the relief corps. The place was attended by Red Cross paramedics from the Elota Cross, who after stabilizing the injured, transferred her to the general hospital of La Cruz.


Elements of Civil Protection and Firefighters also witnessed, who helped in rescue maneuvers and speed up traffic. Agents of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, took care of the expert and transfer of the unit to the corralon by means of a crane. Juan Vázquez coordinator of Civil Protection, indicated that this rúa becomes dangerous especially for those who have never circulated it, because they are trusted and do so at speed not taking into account the myriad of dangerous curves that exist along the way. You may be interested in whatever cases of coronavirus there are in SinaloaEncuentran lifeless to the «Betillo» in San IgnacioSan Ignacio does not neglect security for actions of Covid-19

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